WSRC Slogan

We're Here,
We're Organized,
We're on the Move!


Liberal mayor, Democrat governor, Republicans are outnumbered nearly seven to one on the West Side, but don’t despair, for all is not lost. We look upon these events as an opportunity to recharge, reconnect, and rebuild our base. A closer look actually reveals that the West Side is changing and the Republican presence is growing. And our club is ready. We’re here. We’re organized and we’re on the move.

We have achievable goals:

  • Electing a Republican mayor
  • Getting Republicans elected locally
  • Getting the economy back on track
  • Regaining control over our health care
  • Restoring American leadership
  • Getting involved in our West Side community

We can succeed by beginning at the grassroots level. Local clubs like ours will determine the success of our party.

Our club has been active on the West Side of Manhattan since the turn of the century, engaging in political and social action. We invite you to join us. Come to meet like-minded neighbors, hear candidates, discuss issues, and participate in shaping our government. Together, we can change the course of our city, state and country.