WSRC Slogan

We're Here,
We're Organized,
We're on the Move!

Dear Fellow West Side Republican:

Liberal Mayor, Democratic President, Republicans are out numbered nearly seven to one on the West Side - but all is not lost and in fact - these are exciting times for us - as we have the opportunity to reconnect and build our base here on the West Side of Manhattan.  Join the revolution.  Gaining control of both houses of Congress while getting Republicans elected locally are achievable goals. We need to put the economy back on the right track. However, we can only succeed with your support and willingness to participate in the political process. Therefore, we hope that you become an active member of the Gertrude and Morrison Parker West Side Republican Club. At the grass roots level local clubs like ours will determine the success of our party.

Our club has been active on the West Side of Manhattan since the turn of the century by engaging in political and social activities. These activities are described elsewhere on our website. Our members volunteer their time and resources to achieve the ideals we cherish.

As the club is a non-profit, self-supporting political institution we count on the assistance of civic-minded citizens, like you, to help achieve our goals, meet our financial commitments and implement our worthwhile programs for improving the West Side. To expand our social involvement, redefine our programs and enlarge our membership, and help republicans get elected on the West Side, we continue to search for new members who are able to commit their time and resources. Our members are all volunteers striving for the very ideals you cherish in your heart. Your participation would make yourself instrumental in getting Republicans elected on the West Side of Manhattan and achieving our ultimate common objectives.



The Executive Committee of the Gertrude & Morrison Parker West Side Republican Club